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Elizabeth Langley

Writer. Author. Storyteller. Drinks Too Much Coffee.


Available Now! KU, Kindle,& Paperback

Book 1- The Attraction Series


Rhythm of Attraction

Available Now! KU, Kindle,& Paperback

Book 2- The Attraction Series


About the Author

Elizabeth Langley has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. Her love of romance novels started in her early twenties and has continued throughout her life. 

She is currently working on contemporary romances, cozy mysteries, and urban fantasies that she hopes to release soon.

She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband, two children, one bonus child, three neurotic cats (one of which is probably an alien disguised as a cat), two energetic Corgis, and a homicidal rabbit.


Bookshelf & Awards

Current and Upcoming Books


Diamonds in the Desert Finalist in 2018 for "Rules of Attraction"


I received Honorable Mention for "Rules of Attraction" in the 2018 "Diamonds in the Desert" contest.

Memory of Storms

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Available Now

Romantic Suspense-

Lizzy's dad is in prison for killing her mom... but did he actually kill her?

A serial killer has spent the last decade kidnapping women who look like Lizzy and her mom. Now that she's back in town, can Lizzy and her ex-boyfriend-turned-cop, Taylor, solve the mystery... and accept their attraction... before it's too late?

Rules of Attraction


Available now

Book 1- The Attraction Series

Emma doesn't want a real relationship. She's too hung up on someone she can never have. She's perfectly content with a string of boyfriends she'll never get too serious about.

Mac isn't in town for long. He wants to finish this last job and finally get out from under his father's thumb. He never anticipated he'd meet a woman like Emma in an alley behind some crazy dive bar.

Will they be able to overcome the obstacles and navigate their growing Rules of Attraction?

Rules of Attraction received Honorable Mention in the 2018 "Diamonds in the Desert" contest through the Phoenix Chapter of the RWA.

Rhythm of Attraction 

Available Now!

Book 2- The Attraction Series. 

Sarah Manning needs an adventure. She's been stuck in her role of single-mom for so long that she really doesn't have much of an identity of her own. She wants to spend the summer finding herself. When her mother suggests she re-visit Ireland, she jumps at the chance without really thinking.

Callum O'Reilly's only goal in life is to make it as a musician. Unfortunately, he's being forced to leave Dublin and head back home to West Cork for the summer. Family responsibilities. He certainly doesn't want to start a relationship with an American on holiday, but he's never met anyone like Sarah.

With so many obstacles and an ocean between their lives, can they take a chance and find their Rhythm of Attraction?

Surviving Simon

Coming Soon

Sometimes hate isn't what you think it is.

Murder by the Boat

Coming Soon

Cozy Mystery set in the San Juan Islands, Washington.

Dead of Night

Coming Soon

Haunts and Monsters in the streets of Portland, Oregon.

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